Be a Thought Leader

Unlike celebrities, thought leaders are not well known solely for their fame. In addition, it is not an influencer; it's not someone who capitalizes on the fans who follow them, who adore and trust them.

A thought leader is not merely a commentator, a person who gets attention for his or her opinions.

In addition, a thought leader isn't just someone with expertise - they are also people with knowledge and specialized skills.

The Importance of Clear and Recognizable Email Communication

Today email is a primary mode of communication for both personal and professional interactions. However, the effectiveness of email communication can be undermined by the lack of clarity in the sender's name and subject line. This can lead to emails being swiftly deleted or overlooked, affecting the intended purpose of the communication.

Many individuals start their day by scanning through their emails with a quick finger on the delete key, discarding messages from unrecognized senders or those with generic or obscure subject lines. When a company includes the name of an unfamiliar individual in the "from" field and presents a subject line that lacks clarity, it runs the risk of being overlooked or dismissed.

My Favourite Storytelling Formula

I have written extensively about storytelling formulas, but there is one formula that is among the simplest, most memorable and most powerful. I will explain how it works in three steps.

AND: Your goal should be to get your audience to agree with you by saying what they want and why they want it.

BUT: Describe, in detail, one of the obstacles that stand in the way of fulfilling that desire.

Make a Positive Connection with Your Audience

It might be time to feature positive stories, whether on your blog, in your newsletter or on social media. This is especially true with all the bad news bombarding us around the world lately. Here are a few inspirational and heartwarming themes to get you started:

Spell Check or Not?

Garrett Moon, CEO of CoSchedule, says correcting typos is a massive waste of time. Complaints about misspellings derive from "ego-driven posturing," he says. He adds, "Typos and grammar mistakes are actually chances to humanize your brand."

Research does not support Moon's attitude.  

University of Michigan linguists Julie Boland and Robin Green conducted a study. They asked respondents to rate how desirable someone would be as a housemate. Applicants who sent emails with typos or grammar mistakes received a lower rating.  

Organized Content Improves Your Marketability

With all the free information online, you would wonder why would people pay for similar content.

This worry keeps many people from turning their expertise into products. Then I ran across an article by Katherine Martino on She explained why she prefers getting recipes from hardcover or paperback cookbooks.

First, the recipes in physical cookbooks have been much better tested than most freebies online. “Ingredients are expensive and time is precious, so I cannot waste either on a non-trustworthy source,” she says.

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